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To: jtc_rta_trb@ap.gov.in
From: "Raghavendran, Satish (Indsys)" <Satish.Raghavendran@geind.ge.com>
Date: 05/15/2003 02:04PM
Subject: RE: Need your help in getting my IDP.

Dear Mr.Gandhi,

I apologize for not writing this mail to you earlier.

As per your instructions over phone to me, I went to to RTA Khairatabad on the next day itself (Saturday Apr 26). I had taken all the relevant documents and had to wait for about 20 minutes to submit my application. Everything was processed in 10 min, my photo was taken and I received my duplicate Licence and IDL by 4.30pm the same evening.

I never believed that a government department could work with so much efficiency but I have seen and experienced it myself. I have also narrated this to all my friends and colleagues. With such a system in place there is absolutely no scope for corruption and I commend you for the excellent job of managing this setup. Hats off to you !

I look forward to many more such beautiful experiences in all departments during my long stay
in Hyderabad.

Thanks and warm regards
From: Raghavendran, Satish (Indsys)
Sent: Friday, April 25, 2003 4:51 PM
To: 'jtc_rta_trb@ap.gov.in'
Subject: Need your help in getting my IDP.

Dear Mr.Ghandhi,

I am a native of Tamil Nadu and I have been living in Hyderabad for 2.5 years now. I am working for an MNC which requires me to travel abroad atleast once a year. I hold a valid Indian Driving Licence issued from Kerala State and my Indian Passport has been issued from Madhya Pradesh. I need to obtain an IDP and I visited RTO, Khairatabad regading this. I was told that I need to hold a Licence issued from Andhra Pradesh in order to get an IDP.

I am not able to understand why this is so as any driving Licence issued from anystate is valid all across the country. I was then further adviced to apply for a fresh Licence in AP so that I can get the IDP. I was also told that I will not be able to apply for change of address on my current Licence till it expires (which is in 2017 !). Kindly advice and help me in this regard.

However, I would like to mention that the response I got was very warm and courteous, unlike Government offices in other states. What has surprised me most is that even traffic police personel are very friendly and gentle. Its been a pleasure to be here for these two-and-a-half years and I plan to remain in Hyderabad for years to come.

Thanks and regards

Yours Sincerely
Satish Raghavendran
GE Industrial Systems - India Business Center
Edison Towers, Huda Lane, S.P Road,
Begumpet, Secunderabad-500 003, INDIA.
Dial: 40-27883503 (Direct)
*216-3536 (Dialcomm)
40-27905004 (Fax)
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