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To: "tc@aptransport.org" <tc@aptransport.org>
Subject: Excellent Work

Dear Sir,

I write to you to place on record my appreciation for your department and particularly to Shri Krishna Reddy ( Jt. Comissioner).

I appeared for a driving test for a car on December 18, 2002 at Uppal RTA.

I passed the drive test and was asked to collect my Licence from the
Attapur RTA. Inspite of 3 visits within a span of 1 month my Licence was not issued as they could not locate the papers.

In sheer desperation and frustration I had sent a mail to
"tc@aptransport.org" stating my problem on 31st Jan at 11 a.m.

I was very pleasently surprised when Shri Krishna Reddy called me at work on Saturday at 3 p.m and asked me if I could go to the Attapur RTA that day. By the time I reached the office Shri Krishna Reddy also personally came to the RTA office and helped me get my Licence card in less than 5 minuites.
It is a testimony of world class excellence in providing customer focused service and problem solving skills of our Government and some of its employees. I again profoundly thank Shri Krishna Reddy for his valuable time and personal attention given to sort the problem.

Thanking You
Kalyan Machiraju
Anand Bagh
Phone 98850 58435
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