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Question Bank for Obtaining
51)  Emergency vehicle means:-
road rollers and cranes.
moveble automobile workshop.
ambulence and fire service vehicles.

52)  Drivers of vehicle shall not use horn :-
on main road.
in one way
in silent zone.

53)  During day time if you have already entered a narrow bridge and you see that
      another vehicle coming inthe opposite direction,to stop him at other end:-
stretch your right hand and show stop signal
blow horn
switch on the head lights.

54)  The Registration mark should be illuminated by:-
red light
white light
blue light

55)  Carrying kerosene in motor vehicle in a car is:-
permitted with the permission of R.T.O.
not permitted

56)  When the Motor Vehicle inspector demands any information :-
not obligatory to furnish it.
it is obligatory to furnish it.
he can refuse

57)  Racing and trial of speed:-
is allowed
allowed with permission from concerned authority.
not allowed.

58)  A school bus can be identified by
yellow paint
green paint
red paint

59)  To top up the battery:-
acid is to be filled
distilled water is to be filled
mixture of both.

60)  When visibility is low during rainy season:-
use head lights even during the day
may sure the wiper bladed are not old or cracked.
be extra cautious while reversing

61)  Every motor vehicle must be insured because:-
it compensates against the damages to the vehicle in an accident.
to fulfill the needs of the motor Vehicle Act.
it compensates life, property, damages in an accident and also theft.

62)  Rush and negligent driving:-
Licence is liable for suspension or cancellation.
is an invitation to accident
attracts strict warning from the Licence authority.

63)  Only one person can be allowed to travel in the tractor along with
      the driver of that tractor:-
it is allowed
can be allowed if proper extra seat is provided.
it is not allowed

64)  To move a vehicle from stationary position , the sequence of operation is:-

65)  Why do we have speed limits?
to keep the traffic within a safe speed for existing condition
more vehicles can be used on roads.
authority can identify who is speeding.

66)  The safe way to stop the vehicle:-
press clutch and then brake.
press brake and then clutch.
press brake and clutch at a time.

67)  The safest way to negotiate a steep descent:-
use lower gear with brake.
use higher gear with brake.
use brake and clutch simultaneously

68)  Over taking from left side of another vehicle is permitted:-
only when the driver ahead of you shows signal.
only when the vehicle ahead is going to take right turn and if there is
      no obstruction on left.

69)  When You approch a barrier, it is:-
obligatory to stop the Vehicle.
mandatory to stop the Vehicle.
caution to stop the Vehicle.

70)  Driver driving a vechicle in a public place without a Licence,is liable for:-
nonseizure of vehicle.
seizure of vehicle.
issue of warning notice.

71)  If your vehicle broke down during night
stop and use hand brake and exhibit warning signal.
stop and exhibit red light.
remove immediately to left of the road.

72)  The registration certificate is valid from the date of first registration
for 10 years
for 15 years
for 20 years

73)  Maximum permissible smoke density in diesel vehicles is:-
75 HSU
65 HSU
50 HSU

74)  The braking action has reduced after washing the vehicle, what can be done:-
have the brakes adjusted at a workshop.
the vehicle is unservicable and must be withdrawn from the traffic at once.
normal braking action can be restored by operating the brakes several times at a
      slow driving speed.

75)  Which type of parking is more accommodable on wide roads:-
in line.

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